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Friday, July 01, 2005


The first week is officially gone.

Right now I have around 6 weeks left till my prelims.
Which is around 40+ days left to study and mug.
Not to mention the GP package test that takes place next next week.

How wonderful my life is.

And I still have the time (or the guts) to start blogging again.
I should actually be studying now.
But I'm feeling bored I guess.

Quite amazing that I decided last week to start mugging like no tomorrow.
Right now?
I feel that tomorrow marks the start of A levels.
And coincidentally or not the end of my life.


Learnt the use of that word from my friend last year when I was mugging with him for the Promos.
Now I think that I'm starting to use it a lot too.
I had better.
I must start studying.

Right after this entry I guess.
Maybe not.
Feeling really sleepy now.
Besides I got more stuff to type.

Passion AC.
That one event that was supposed to revive AC.
I'm not saying that it was bad.
But I have to say that it was not spectacular either.

Still I enjoyed it.
However I also mentioned before that it was not spectacular either.

The song choice was a good one.
How the songs were played however felt like a better version of Monday Chapel with a much smaller audience.
Fault I believe lay with no one but the layout of the PA system of the hall.
As from Day 1 in AC I never liked the hall especially when it involved the PA system.

Long story short?

Feedback tones.
Poor sound quality.
Uneven voice/music levels.
Occasionally fluctuating sound levels.

But what can one expect?
Especially based on the fact that AC was probably renovated around a decade or so ago.
Right when I was around in upper primary I guess.
Equipment was probably old enough to be put in a corner of an AC museum.
If there ever be one.

Maybe a few years later after I graduate the sound system would finally undergo a complete overhaul.
Too bad I won't be there to experience it.
Oh well.
At least the next generation of AC students would be able to experience the full power of Monday Chapel once an overhaul is done.

But then?
I still enjoyed Passion AC.
I really did.
Here's to the people who made the event possible.


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