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Saturday, June 25, 2005

oh well..

The holidays are over. Or almost actually.

Looking back at the past is never good.
Those are called memories.

Learning from past mistakes is different.
Said memories then become personal individual lessons.

Suprisingly my holidays were quite memorable.
I can't actually believe it since all my previous holidays remain blur and foggy.
Could be that something bad always happened to me during the previous June holidays.
But then I can't rememeber anything anyway so what the heck.

Back to my current holiday flashback.

So today is the second last day of the holiday and after tomorrow I have to get ready to say hello to school and A levels.

Wish I could restart school with a huge bang.
Then again I wish that I had the means to "delay" the A levels.
Could bomb Cambridge.
Nah. Too much effort.

But back AGAIN to my current holiday flashback.

So there was my CCA Camp where I planned for an event for the 2nd week of school.
Then I tried doing my homework.
Then I had to attend 8 lessons of chemistry tuition.
Including 3 lessons of Math tuition. One more tomorrow.
Of course 4 weeks of CIP which have ended.
Still tried doing homework.
And not forgetting 1 Tuesday dedicated to teaching children how to use the computer.
A movie or 2 really.
Chinese AO level exam.
Thank God that that's over.
3 saturdays of church activities coupled with 3 satudays of playing guitar and doing PA.

That's it I guess.

I think there's more.
But I don't want to write it now.
Or simply because I can't remember anymore now.
Oh well.

Have a happy holiday.
Or what's left of it.

PS: Happy school reopening. If you have school that is. If you don't then Happy whatever-you-have-after-June-holidays reopening. =P

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


New layout.

Yay! ^_^


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Its been a while..

Actually its been a really long time..

I still do not know why I still keep this page..

Is it because I have some sentimental feeling attached to it?

Or maybe its supposed to be a connection between me and my friends.. (big help it was.. =P)


I've decided..


To hopefully post more stuff about my life.. (private or not)

When I'm not playing that is..

In which I should actually be studying..

Which I'm not..


Nothing else to say..

Just a way to waste space and clear the cobwebs..

In a way..


[ps.: i actually feel like blogging.. somehow..]

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