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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sick Again

Sick. Again.

Physically that is.

Hate the influenza bug. Just hate it to the core. It seems like the stealthy ninja of ancient Japan, hired by some unknown force to strike the masses using a variety of poisons or insidious devices, all accomplished as silently as moss growing on the side of a peach blossom tree.

In this case, I have at least some idea on how I got it. Maybe it was the PE. Yeah that probably sounds about right, after all sweating it out and pushing your body to work overtime leaves it kind of vulnerable to the ever present germs and bad icky stuff out there. Or not actually since all I did was really play badminton and that cannot even be compared to six rounds around the track which I dread so much.

Or wait, it was that person I spent two and a half hours with during CIP after school on Friday. Yeah. That's it. No wait, I spent the same two and a half hours with twenty other people. Too many suspects. Darn.

Hmm. My parents? No. My pet? Don't have one. Church mates? Nah. Got it before I went to church. That irritating person in my CCA? Wait. There are just too many of them to count. Haha. Kidding on the last part. Well. Sort of.

So who in the blue hell could it be? Guess I will never know. Just wish and hope that they develop a vaccine for flu soon. God knows that the world needs it, especially if it contains people like me in it.

Argh. Stupid nose.

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Friday, April 08, 2005


Wednesday was such a good, bright and sunny day that I wanted to go swimming. My friends said no.

Quite sad really, yet lucky in a sense, all because the sky quickly became pissed at something (I dunno
what) and turned grey and angry. In short, if I went swimming that day, I wouldn't even have to step into the pool to be wet. Heh, for all I know, I could have been struck by 50 million volts of electricity.

Oh well, at least I got a good rest, can't say I did well for my homework and tutorials though.

Sigh. I'm so tired with life now, seems so monotonous now, how appropiate that my GP teacher discussed an essay topic question which goes:

"12. 'Life is boring.' Why do many young people nowadays have this opinion?"

How appropiate indeed.

Dull, monotonous, uninteresting. Few of the many words that my class came up with for this topic and mostly based on school life. One said tamil movies were a boring part of life, I sort of agreed and in the end it fell into the catergory of "entertainment". A little out of point too, but what the hey.

The transparency that the topic was on didn't even belong to my GP teacher, she found it under the OHP and just took it. Said it "saved her time from going down and taking her own"

Heh, got to love GP. Though the comprehensions and essays take a hell a lot of time to actually do, the lessons are actually entertaining and enriching. Lesson also comprised of a "Current Affairs" worksheet, aka "testing your general knowledge of news during the past week and a half. Was kinda entertaining, especially knowing that Manila is cutting total number of working days to four to "save energy and fuel consumption".


If they only have 4 working days, how MUCH can they do during these four days to match that of a 5 day working week? No logic, the productivity lost from one day would probably outweigh the "savings" of energy consumption. Still, one never knows until it is actually done.

Sigh. Hope life improves for me. Hope so.

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