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Monday, March 07, 2005


long time no post.. yes.. after a series of unfortunate events (no relation to the show.. nor pun intended..) i have finally found time to blog.. the unfortunate events being:

1. term exams
2. cip stuff
3. computer crash
4. tc (sortof)
5. exam results
6. study
7. sick (right now)

term exams is a huge duh.. i was supposed to study and do the stuff that normal students (not normal
AC students) are supposed to do.. namely study hard and stay away from stuff thats BAD.. long story short i concentrated more on the BAD stuff than my studies yeah..

dunno what possesed me but i signed up for a kidsREAD cip program.. a program in which i travel every friday to clementi kids library and read to them.. sweet right? sad cos my friday evenings are taken up.. still.. its cip..

computer crash occured a while back.. sad really.. lost
ALL my info.. was compless for 3-4 days.. finally got it fixed.. appears that the hard drive merely crashed (ok.. it went through a series of thermonuclear meltdowns!) which rendered the rest of my cpu helpless.. thankfully none of my school stuff in there was needed.. phew.. lucky.. especially knowing that i finished pw quite a while back..

tc.. my cca.. theres this branch called
ACFreq (yeah!!) its basically a cheap attempt at forming a campus radio (though i think its going to take a while.. ok a LONG while..) and to get it successfully running.. long story short i became the station manager (after a coup from a certain BC.. haha.. no lah..) and now im going to be bogged down with more cca stuff..

exam results are out! yes! and except for my bio and gp.. i can accurately say that i FLUNKED IT! YES! i am "
proud" (this is sarcasm btw.. in case u are too stupid to realise..) to announce that i got double Fs for both my math and chemistry in which i have been offered the "privelleged" and often "coveted" presence at SSP (self-study programme) the one and only stop for students with such academic "prowess" as i have.. yes.. both my bio and gp are undisclosed as of late.. so im still hoping..

which brings me back to study.. im screwed.. i need to study but cant seem to.. hopefully i can find a way to concentrate long hrs without screwing myself over the computer or tv.. God help me..

yea.. im sick.. not sick sick.. just sick.. little flu and cough hurt no one.. hopefully dun pass it to u guys.. oh well.. dinners done.. bye..

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