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Friday, January 21, 2005


being a j2 now.. im actually supposed to stuff which i KNOW that i should do and refraining from doing stuff which i shouldnt (no matter how much i enjoy it.. like Slam Dunk/Soccer stayovers.. =D) yeah.. instead.. im SUPPOSED to:

1. study hard
2. finish read my reading package
3. finish ALL of my homework
4. stay away from the computer
5. start to understand the "mechanics" behind numerical methods b4 its too late

yet.. im actually doing:

1. slacking during school and after school sometimes
2. NOT reading my reading package (test is next wed =P)
3. procrastinating my homework
4. playing/using the computer (like now)
5. going for PS2 stayovers rather than staying at home and revising numerical methods

what a screwed life im living now.. within the first week when i was having a NE/PCCG lesson (like class admin stuff) my form teacher asked the class to write down *GASP* o_o our GOALS!! wow. what i wrote was short of amazing.. simply put it.. the way im going now within my acadamics.. what i would get for my terms and beyond would be pretty "amazing".. yeah.. amazing marks.. the type of marks which teachers reserve the red pen for..

darn.. granted that the stayover was fun.. ok.. im kidding.. it was short of AMAZING (in the good way and a little bad i suppose.. we didnt get much slp.. =P) with nice bonding between the guys that went.. only prob? i kept sleeping through the games..

oh well.. that only proves that school tires oneself out! yay.. more reason to slack.. i mean "rest" =D <-[now thats the real reason why i keep procrastinating] yeah.. now everyone start singing.. *visitor pass.. yeah.. visitor pass*

PS: dunno what that song is? well start downloading the file HERE!! REAL funny! =D

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