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Sunday, November 28, 2004

of burgers and men

im so bored.. im literally surfing around for no good reason.. its a waste of time.. but heck.. the stuff that you can find on the internet.. :D and no.. its not porn for all u sick ^@$)!#(& |34574|2|)5 out there! but then.. back on topic.. heres a yummy picture for all you pigs out there!

Big Burger!!

heh.. pretty nifty eh? apparently from the webbie which i got it from.. this monster contains:

= Two whole tomatoes

= A half-head of lettuce

= 12 slices of American cheese

= A full cup of peppers

= TWO entire onions

= A river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard

nice for all you hungry people out there.. heck i think that single can feed a single african family for a single day!! heh.. too bad this thing is a huge killer.. i can just imagine the cholesterol/oil/fat/calorie/etc level your body would have to endure before expelling the huge monster of a burger into a bowl.. heh.. i think the waste would be enough to pollute the Singapore River for a while.. ah well.. fun stuff in the net.. just have to look.. :D

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Friday, November 26, 2004

death and destruction

this blog is officially dead.. ah well.. thats what the holidays do to u.. well.. me actually but what the hey..

anyways got something to show you all..

very ridiculous.. yet funny.. reminds me of my sec 4 friend.. ah well.. those times are over.. heh..

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


aggression.. aka anger.. aka pissed off.. aka click HERE for more.. it rules our lives.. pervades our very being.. clouds our logic but clears our vision so that only one path remains.. to kill.. to hurt.. to maim.. to just strike out against something.. anything.. be it corporeal or ethereal.. that is why we shout at inanimate things.. that is why we take our frustrations out on others like our loved ones and friends.. ironically these frustrations are caused by fear and dispair.. two crippling fears which should have killed us immediately.. unfortunately the whole process is like the progression of a fatal plague..

we catch it first when we experience the situation itself or are affected by it in anyway..

the initial symptoms of fear and/or dread then set in.. dispair also comes in to.. this only aggravates the situation as these factors shows outright the persons vulnerability.. how weak the person would seem to be.. further comforting may alleviate the symptoms and promote recovery though at this stage.. symptoms may be ignored by either party.. especially by the victim since he would not readily accept the comfort and if so only reluctantly which would only lengthen the recovery term..

the affects are full blown if the person suffers the above symptoms for too long.. the victim next suffers from anger and aggression.. this is the most damaging stage not only to a person but also his standing among his peers since the victim tends to siphon his frustrations onto close friends and family around him.. around here.. comfort tends to have minimal effect as the victim generally scorns the efforts and rejects the effects.. sometimes turning hostile against the comforter instead..

the last stage comprises depression and remorse.. this is usually the last stage and could be fatal as depression tends to set in pretty quickly and comfort would have to be administered immediately as this stage is the stage where comfort is readily accepted since the initial rejection has worn out and the person is ususally weary and requires rest.. comfort whould be administered carefully since the wrong words can trigger a full outset of anger though this time the outburst tends to be shorter than the original one.. however.. proper administration of comfort and sympathy would not only alleviate the symptoms but also cure this disease as well.. unfortunately.. failure to administer comfort at this stage would only result in self pity which worsens the depression causing the person to entertain thoughts of suicide..

yes.. anger is fatal.. thats what i have written up there.. fortunately.. all of us out there are logical people.. not emotional tear hoses which react at every situation in out lives..

* * *

btw.. that was crap if you were too dim witted or gullible to notice.. never fear.. you will outgrow it sooner or later.. maybe not.. who knows?? haha.. :)

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