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Friday, October 29, 2004


finally.. the day has arrived.. the day of freedom.. the day that i have been waiting since the end of promos.. the..


i am so happy now.. afterall my exams are over.. i can now sleep at 12 and wake up at 10 in the morning.. SO glad that i dont have to wake up at 6 again.. in fact.. my yearning for school break is such that for the past week.. i have been late once and nearly late for the rest of the days.. sounds like nothing much but if you knew me.. i come to school pretty early..

ok.. now all i have to do is wait for my chinese ao exams.. i dread that for now.. the next thing i dread is of course.. OP.. or oral presentation.. yes.. part of the "lovable" pw.. ugh.. this makes me sick.. heck im ALREADY sick..

ah well.. considering a lvls and o lvls people.. good luck for that if u are actually reading this.. heck.. visiting this insignificant page.. for those people like me.. whether sec school or not.. have a nice holiday! ugh.. feel too sick to continue..

*cough cough*

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


i have decided to dedicate this blog space to PW today.. what is PW? PW or "Project Work" for short.. is everything that a country can hope for.. moulding todays young adults into people with "collaboration, communication and independent learning [skills which] prepares them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead"..

i ripped the "inverted" part from the website.. go HERE for it.. anyway.. in short.. PW is..


yes.. no prizes for guessing.. not only does it take up time and effort.. which i add could be put into better use like studying for promotional exams.. its only practical purpose would be to give students another good reason to spout crap like a person suffering from cholera.. vomitting shht everywhere.. at least the shht here appeals to the markers.. ah well..

now.. wonder why we are doing it "properly"?? simple.. all because PW counts towards 10% of our final university grade.. yeeess.. 10 &*#%&* percent towards our uni grade.. damn.. dont even bother to ask the J2s about their "experiences" in PW.. their marks were not even counted.. why again you ask? because they called it a "trial run".. ugh.. the babies of 1987.. guinea pigs once and always.. would be glad to get out of school.. escape all these "experiments" which the MOE places on us.. hopefully work in the future will not incorporate such "experiments" by.. who knows.. the Ministry of Manpower??

ah well.. on the lighter side.. the end of school is NEAR.. can you feel the impending freedom? i know i can.. thats why i cant wait for this week to end.. wait.. actually i can.. chinese ao is next week.. on the other hand after chinese ao is lan party so what the heyy.. let the week pass!! wooo!!

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Saturday, October 23, 2004


life is a drag.. it has become very draggy.. well.. for me that is.. though i think the sec 4s taking O levels are suffering from the same thing too i guess.. ah well.. the world is not inhabited by one person only.. still.. this week has been REALLY boring..

i mean REALLY..

sure.. when i first saw my new timetable after biology SPA (damn thing.. argh) i was overjoyed.. it was secondary school ending time all over again.. except only lessons replaced by 2 lectures and 1 tutorial.. of course.. i forget to mention the "amazing" Project Work and "special" chinese double periods that take up the rest of the day.. haiz..

sure.. the days are very slack.. except for chinese of course.. the lessons ALWAYS are a drag to me.. not that i hate chinese.. but chinese and i are like hmm.. lets see.. i dunno.. oil and water?? never mixes properly.. the only thing that can top that is physics which i REALLY hate.. ah well..

then we have the wonderful openhouse.. should have asked someone to kill me first.. could ask weizhi.. but then he would cause me a painful death.. probably will ask grace next time.. at least it will be quick and painless.. not that it was boring.. ok.. it WAS rather boring but still.. there was no fun in it.. not by my standards.. sure.. the TC gang and the appearence of rachel was kinda nice.. i was just.. sorta depressed.. draggy week and all i guess..

then just when all seemed bleak.. my friend decided to go visit SAJC openhouse.. what did i do? follow him of course.. that was probably the only highlight in my life for this week.. relieved my "depression" a bit.. the fact that i saw a couple of faces i havent seen in years.. including a person i never saw since primary 2.. still can remember my name somemore.. ah well.. the place looked rather nice.. and the atmosphere there was more.. cheerful i guess.. all the cheering and "noise".. there caught up with my sec 4 classmates.. and also took some free stuff.. heh.. then.. we approached the "Speakers Corner" booth..

the "Speakers Corner".. SAJC version's of debate society i guess.. was there.. standing out for a reason.. then my friend pulled me out of my awed stupor of their booth and pointed the list where they stated why "you should join us because.. blahblahblahyaddayaddayadda" the list was pretty simple.. it went something like this:

10 (?) Reasons why you should join us..
1. (dunno.. cant remember)
2. We have PRESENCE <---[TAKE NOTE!!]
3. (didnt bother to read on..)

the funny thing about the "presence" thing was that NO ONE WAS MENDING THE BOOTH!! ohh.. the irony.. someone kick me now before i collapse onto the ground laughing.. ok.. it aint that funny but then when you have lived a full week of dragness boredom and near insanity.. even that small irony was funny for me.. but then.. thats me.. me and my friend walked about.. ate lunch.. the chicken rice there seems much better than AC's by the way.. then walked around somemore.. checked out the place.. from then on was really normal.. walk around.. look.. walk around somemore.. look somemore then finally we left for AC..

pretty normal day.. yeah.. except for the fact that i was bloody exhausted after the openhouse and had to go my friends house for bible study later.. and felt like collapsing..

all i can do is pray that my next week would be far better.. heh.. listening to "The Reason" by Hoobastank.. lalala.. think i can play the whole song on my guitar after a few days of trying.. after i get over my boredom that is..

ah well.. gd night..

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Sunday, October 10, 2004


yup.. as many of you out there have known.. my promotional exams are pretty much over.. theres SPA practical tomorrow but i dont really care about it much.. even if im supposed to.. ah well..

finally after a long time.. i have been able to enjoy a worry free saturday.. the day was nice and bright.. sort of.. until i remembered that my promotional results would be out VERY soon and with that i begin to worry..

it is like the grey rain cloud of promos has just been replaced by sunshine.. but then replaced once again by a huge black flashing lightning storm of doom (results).. so crap.. but so true..

not only do my promo results determine whether i stay as a J1 or not.. it also determines my fate for the holidays.. whether i am going to school for supplementary lessons.. or an OGL camp (hopefully!) with friends and an enjoyable relaxation time before the worry of A levels..

i got SPA tomorrow..
whee.. -_-"

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Promos - Final Round

>> Today's Highlights <<
Me vs. Biology

>> Expectations <<

>> Expected Results <<

>> Minor Match: Me vs. Biology SPA <<
Day & Date: Monday, 11th October 2004
Time: 0815 hrs
Venue: Badminton Hall

>> Minor Match: Me vs. Chemistry SPA <<
Day & Date: Monday, 13th October 2004
Time: 0815 hrs
Venue: Badminton Hall

PS: its over.. its over.. its over.. its over.. its over.. its over.. *lalala*

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Promos - Round Three

>> Today's Highlights <<
Me vs. C Math

>> Expectations <<

>> Expected Results <<

>> Final Match: Me vs. Biology <<
Day & Date: Friday, 8th October 2004
Time: 0815 hrs
Venue: Badminton Hall

PS: oh yeah.. still waiting for the reaper to collect me soul..

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Promos - Round Two

>> Today's Highlights <<
Me vs. Chemistry

>> Expectations <<

>> Expected Results <<
E (worse case: O or F)

>> Next Match: Me vs. C Math <<
Day & Date: Thursday, 7th October 2004
Time: 0815 hrs
Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall

PS: i am still going to be so dead.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Promos - Round One

>> Today's Highlights <<
Me vs. General Paper | Me vs. Chinese

>> Expectations <<
General Paper: C5>
Chinese: C6>

>> Expected Results <<
General Paper: C6
Chinese: F9

>> Next Match: Me vs. Chemistry <<
Day & Date: Wednesday, 6th October 2004
0815 hrs

ACJC Badminton Hall

PS: i am so dead.

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