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Saturday, August 28, 2004

looooooooooonnngggggg time..

yeah.. its been a very long time since i actualli bothered 2 blog.. i tink its been a mth or so.. so wat the hey..

suprising how the closer u r to the exams.. the more u decide to slack and play.. realli amazing.. i realli tink scientists should do a research paper on that.. sounds dumb.. but if some pple r dumb enough to waste cash on "refining" endless versions of a single product by conducting "further research".. they should b dumb enough to waste SOME cash on this one..

personally.. i call this the "Know-You-Got-To-Study/Work-But-Just-Want-To-Play-Right-Now" syndrome.. cool.. my first "discovery".. oh wat the hey.. im lame.. so SUE me.. haha..

~sighz.. life aint perfect.. though i wish it were.. i hate it when i talk.. the words just dun come out right.. so far in my life.. not counting one single person n my parents.. i have always stuttered/said stuff that sounds wrong/formed incomplete sentences whenever i talk to pple.. pple as in ANYBODY.. that realli pisses me off sumwat.. i mean.. i realli hate it wen i cant have a proper conversation without me stuttering one end or the other.. guess my mind races too much.. sometimes i can actualli swear that my mind is too fast for my mouth.. thats y i tink telepathy is a FAR more efficient tool than the mouth or sound.. sides.. with telepathy.. u can communicate privately with another person without anione else eavesdropping.. would be damn cool too!!

too bad that doesnt exist in real life.. ~sighz.. my times up.. "PROMOS IN ~5-6 WKS!!!" is still raging in my mind together with a maths question.. ah well.. guess i cant slp today again.. damn..

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


this is gibberish.. ignore..

| (4|\|7 574|\||) |7 4|\|'/|\/|0|23!!11!1 | |-|4\/3 70 |_37 3\/3|2'/7|-|||\|6 0|_|7!!1!!11 | _||_|57 \/\/4|\||\|4 54'/ 7|-|47 | |_0\/3 '/0|_|!!11!!1!

yeah.. ONLY gibberish.. something i juz wanna let out after a LOOONnNGG time of keeping it inside.. haha..

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Friday, August 06, 2004


i feel so sian right now.. thats y im actualli typing this now.. juz finished the national dae celebration which was very crazy cos pple were standing on the chairs and throwing stuff around.. still i cant decide whether they stood on the chairs cos they were being patriotic or juz trying 2 b funni? i dunnoe.. i did the same thing but wif gd reason..

[if everyone was standing on the chairs.. that would make them ~2-2.5 meters in height.. ie. u CANT see shit flying in front of u even if u were its target..]

yeah.. pretty wild day.. even complete wif balloons and paper balls flying half way across the hall.. gd thing i got some slp during the first part where the speeches were unbearable.. oh well.. thats life.. but then this wk for me was FULL of events.. monday was uneventful.. nothing much was on.. then tues was my fairfield grad ceremony where fairsians had to come back to the "new" school for a ceremony..

[though the school was new.. i dont realli like the design.. in fact.. some pple have mistaken the sec sch for the pri and vice versa.. haha]

tues was gd.. i got released at 2.30.. 40mins earlier so i didnt realli care btw on wat time i was released.. then proceeded to play lan.. came back in time for the dinner and met up wif many pple that i havent seen in mths.. felt like yrs but then thats wat memories do 2 you.. wed was also ok.. i received the 2nd prize for science faculty tshirt design..


[got the call that i had won on the way back to fairfield on tues.. was quite shocked but then yeah.. thats juz me..]

after sch had tc and stayed there for nothing.. juz sat there and looked pretty waiting for the minister to see us.. accidentally released a movie clip of daryl and his.. umm.. finger.. hope they did not see that.. sorri daryl.. haha..

rushed back then to wheelock place to see off one of my classmates but then i stayed briefly as i had the fairfield grad DINNER to attend.. dinner turned out great.. was late but then whu cares? stayed there very late.. taking pictures with pple i havent seen in like a yr cos they went overseas or didnt come yesterdae.. had great fun.. and returned home at 1215.. only to slp at 1255.. heh..

pretty wasted the next morning.. somehow managed to survive pe but then succumbed during bio.. crap.. was one of my fav subs too.. then had to stay back for some history presentation thingy.. appeared to be a HUGE waste of my time.. but then if i went back home i would still be wasting time so wat the hell..

then todae! friday! have to do work now.. argh.. hate it to the core.. still the teacher-dc 'law' is forcing me to do it.. it goes like this..

UNFINSHED HOMEWORK = DC (aka detention class)

so yeah.. best option lies in doing the work.. whether i hate it or not.. sighz..

so yeah.. doing homework now.. ^_^

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


wow.. nvr in my life would i expect to win 2nd prize for the science faculty tshirt design.. in fact.. daryl pressurised me 2 do it.. but then.. i won! so yaaaaay!! ~wheee.. btw.. heres the design..

very matrix-sy.. so sue me.. ah well.. now i got $40 bucks to spend.. well.. in kinokuniya that is.. ~hee.. ^_^

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Sunday, August 01, 2004


juz this saturday.. i was grimly reminded by my psyche that i was afraid of dogs.. why? cos when i was walking back home from church.. i came across this owner walking this german sheperdish looking dog.. pretty fierce looking according to me.. though it seemed uninterested in me.. i tried my best to pull a calm mask over my face while trying my best to avoid the beast as well as i could..

[actualli.. i have this inate fear of dogs.. cant realli blame me though.. i was attacked by a dog wen i was around 8-9? aniwae.. i can still remember the whole thing.. it was me playing with a ball.. then a dog running towards me.. bit me in the thigh and then ran away.. or maybe it was my parents pulling me away from it.. i dun realli knoe.. all i knoe was the pain.. then the shots i had to take for rabies.. so troublesome.. all becos of ONE dog.. ~haiz..]

so right now.. with my fear.. im still pretty freaked of any dog.. even my cousin's dog.. name was cookie.. was pretty small.. still it was kinda unnerving when the thing ran towards me barking incessantly.. was always afraid that small it was.. it could have easily bitten one of my fingers off..

[he hasnt yet.. THANK GOODNESS!! *phew*]

yeah.. but sides that it was all fine.. in fact.. i went to watch irobot afterwards.. went to plaza singapura to watch the movie there with 2 of my friends.. justin which some of u may knoe and poh huat.. a guy that has a heart for girls.. most aniwae.. wait.. actualli ALL.. LoL.. anyhoot.. i was told that the movie was scheduled to start at 7.50.. so i rushed my way there and arrived at 7.40.. GREAT! the movie hasnt started yet.. met my friends at the ticketing booth.. then they told me the news.. the 7.30 show was sold out.. so was the 8.30 show.. left the 9.00pm one.. so we bought tix for that.. then waited at the carpark pavement for the movie to start and eat.. look like a group of homeless people like that.. then the trio started to walk around.. juz catching up wif each other cos we havent seen each other for a LONG time..


[justin i knoe quite well.. poh huat not that well cos hes in srjc.. so kinda separated from the rest of the group that we had in sec 4..]

aniwae.. we hung out there for quite a while.. ok.. whu am i kidding.. a LONG while for the damned movie to start.. then bout 5 mins b4 it started both of them decided to by cheezy dogs.. basically cos it was selling cheap..

[yeah.. cos they were selling cheap.. actualli poh huat is not much of a cheapo.. but justin IS..]

well.. i went to the toilet to leave them to there food delight.. onli to come out to find them wearing disgusted faces..

[turns out the cheezy dogs were REALLI BAD.. in fact.. they compared it to a certain organ of the male body.. calling the cheeze oozing out having a glue like consistency and baically calling it VERY SICK..]

it was quite funny realli.. then we entered the theatre.. then reallised that our tixs were for the FRONT ROW..

[damn.. =P]

so yeah.. now the movie was put in a whole NEW perspective.. everything being BIG and.. hmm.. i dunno.. blurish like and BIG?!! so yeah.. straining my necks as best i can.. i TRIED to enjoy the movie from this new perspective without trying to paralyse my whole body by snapping my neck into 2.. but yeah.. all in all the movie was GREAT!! to bad bout the whole perspective change..

[lets juz say that after the movie.. everything seems so clear.. small and well.. clear..]

well.. it was a great experience.. let me leave u wif this quote by will smith..

*aaaaahhhhhhh chhhhooooooo!* "sorry.. im allergic to bullshit.."
-Will Smith, Detective Spooner in iRobot

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