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Thursday, July 29, 2004


this sucks.. realli.. i still have no idea how i got thru o lvl chem.. study perhaps? aniwaes.. i feel pretty much doomed for my latest test.. basically my test consisted of scribbles.. scribbles.. cancellations.. scribbles.. scribbles in pencil.. scribbles.. and oh yeah.. did i mention b4? scribbles.. realli cant stand it.. sighz..

[i got A2 for all my science subs for O lvl.. how i did it i dun realli knoe.. for bio it was realli expected.. cos i studied.. i was expecting to fail physics.. which i didnt and was suprising.. my chem was somewhere in between.. still.. i dun realli care bout my o lvl results.. (duh.) still.. i dropped physics as 4 sum of u know.. i HATE IT TO THE CORE!!!]

so yeah.. chem realli kinda sucks now.. isnt that i dun understand.. wait.. actualli i dunt.. but aniwae.. it more of distraction.. everytime i start my work.. i get distracted by either the comp.. or the tv.. or my guitar and yeah.. other stuff.. still.. i try.. i try.. and still cant get myself to at least touch and memorise sum chem facts..

well.. wats passed has passed.. cant do much bout it now.. unless i invent a time machine which i cant cause i need physics to do that and a LOT of time.. which frankly speaking.. time that i do not have now.. oh well..

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

its been long.. VERY long..

its been long.. VERY LONG.. since i even decided to post sumthing of inherent interest to the minority group of people out there who actually bother to read this insignificant blog of mine.. (thx btw.. ^^) anywae.. i juz decided 2 blog all of a sudden cos of the pointless behaviour that i have been exhibiting these daes.. i juz feel that im not realli me animore.. i mean.. im still pretty much myself.. making corny jokes.. trying 2 cheer pple up and that sorta stuff.. overreacting pretty badly at times.. and the other stuff that i dare not mention that which whole in whole make up me..

[actualli.. ive been slping realli late these daes.. instead of being depressed.. im prolly juz burned out/plain tired.. still dunno though.. wanna knoe wat i do that makes me so tired? ask around.. find out 4 yurself.. heh..]

still.. i had a great week and week b4.. start with the earliest memory.. last last sat.. went out for a movie.. but then to bore u 2 death.. im gonna include also the timeline of my activity..

[this may (most likely will..) bore u.. skip this section if u cannot tolerate it..]

well.. heres the timeline.. though a rather short one i might add..

1. woke up.. 9.30
2. brushed teeth.. freshened up..
3. skipped breakfast.. didnt feel like it..
4. watched tv!! around 10++..
5. around 10.30 weizhi calls.. tells me that going for movie..
6. quite reluctant since i got stuff to do later and was not really convenient 4 me..
7. decided aniwae.. wat the heck.. juz go.. so.. informed my mom.. postponed the stuff 2 later and left for jurong entertainment centre..
8. took a bus to harbourfront.. halfway weizhi msgs me that change to orchard cine..
9. was pretty glad cos orchard was more convenient than jurong..
10. reached harbourfront.. travelled 2 orchard thru NEL and dhoby ghaut..
11. reached there and rushed the whole 2 km (?) to orchard cine..
12. arrived in time.. saw daryl and jie hui at subway..
13. tried to scare jiehui.. failed..
14. sat down to wait for rachel (changed it liao.. sorrie.. heh..)
15. talked bout stuff with daryl and jiehui.. weizhi tries to sneak up on me..
16. fails.. daryl gave him away..
17. still waiting for rachel (another mistake.. ~hee)
18. still waiting..
19. movie doors gonna open in 2 mins.. still not here.. weizhi climbs to 3 floor for sum unknown reason..
20. while waiting bought a zinger to eat.. (skipped breakfast rememeber?)
21. the group finally decided to juz go up first.. w/o weizhi..
22. at the lift there and suprisingly met rachel (final one..)
23. went into the lift..
24. reached top floor..
25. still waiting for weizhi
26. still waiting.. the girls went to buy food..
27. saw him.. up the escalator..
28. entered movie theatre..
29. thankfully movie started just as we came in..
30. found a gd seat..
31. watched the movie..
32. movie ended..
33. went out..
34. went back home..
35. home sweet home..

thats all of the redundant stuff.. still.. though the movie wasnt 5 star quality.. i had no regrets going.. cos.. quoting one of my friends.. "..actually it's not the movie that counts.. it is who u are watching the movie wif!!" yeah.. so watching wif my friends.. no matter how small the grp was or how damn irritating weizhi was.. (hahaz.. just kidding man.. dun rush over to beat me up yet..) i still had a gd time and was realli glad that weizhi called wen he did..

[to be REALLI honest.. i wasnt feeling like going for that movie on that dae.. was pretty tired especially after the stuff that happened the wk b4.. post-exam stress and all.. so i didnt realli felt like going.. even if she was coming along.. ~haiz.. still.. no regrets..]

oh well.. thats that for this insignificant post..

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Friday, July 16, 2004

demoralising eh.. but then..

~haiz.. cant help it.. i feel
so damn demoralised.. other than the fact that i did so damn badly for
my terms and my tests etc.. im juz starting to feel the post-exam
stress that is threatening to overwhelm my already fragile (and soon to
be lifeless body)..

[though i try my best to be happy and seem happy.. there is always this dark
side there.. waiting to consume me.. to take over my body.. to turn me
into the easily pissed off jackass that i once used to be.. ]

the fact is that my results are not just detrimental.. they are
abysmally horrible scoring a negative infinity (-∞) over infinity (∞)..
^^ still.. what im terribly pissed off was the fact that i could have
passed TWO subs instead of ONE..

[yeah.. i failed everything cept 1 sub.. aka.. bio.. dunno y maybe juz have the
interest in it.. still i have an interest in maths.. then why the hell

yeah.. i knoe that wats done is done.. but as usual.. it IS human
nature btw.. to look back at what happened in the past and regret over
what has already happened.. the main fact that if i had noticed the
errors in the paper.. it would have got me a marginal pass.. but a pass

[im particulary PISSED with my maths.. especially question 6 and 10.. in
Q6.. my brain was in full screw-up mode.. turning a 5x2 into a (-3x2)..
irritating isnt it? costs me 5 freakin marks.. then Q10 i failed to
notice that both equations were those of a ellipse and circle.. instead
i drwe this funny curve and lost a total of 8 marks.. how pissed off is
that.. so all in all.. i lost.. lets see.. 5+8.. hmm.. yeah.. 13
marks.. at least my maths aint wrong here.. sighz..]

ah well.. wats past is past.. i cant change the future.. or at least i wished i could..

[damn.. it would have been fun to travel back in time.. change yur marks and be
the best student ALIVE!! i will be UNSTOPPABLE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA.. *cough
cough hack wheeze*.. scuse me.. heh.. ^^]

unfortunately.. the only solution that i can think of now is to get off
my lazy butt and start studying like mad.. after all the A lvls are
like .. hmm.. lets see.. a yr and a half to go?!! if there was a better
time to start.. it is definitely now.. now all i have to do is to
figure out how in the blue hell am i supposed to kick my "studying
program" into gear.. my habits are definitely gonna put up a gd fight
b4 i surrender to the mindless but essential act of studying/mugging..

[the thought of studying really puts me off now.. i mean.. its like the
middle of the year and everyone is expected to study like mad already..
still.. this holds alot of truth.. lectures and tutorials have already
covered about or more than half of the syllabus so that means that we
have ALOT to cover if you are one of those last minute muggers.. sorta
like me.. cept my last minute is more like a few days b4.. ]

fortunately.. i havent lost to the dark side yet.. my sanity and
happiness is still very much intact.. alive and kicking.. havent fallen
to the dark side yet.. partly cos i try my best to think of good happy
stuff!! memories that bring me joy and happiness.. memories that can
last for life.. coupled with a computer.. a funny comics and a sense of
humour.. in other words.. try your best to look on the bright side of
life.. stay happy!!

[realli.. happiness is essential.. if u dun know this alreadi.. which i think u
should already have.. happiness= satisfying life.. together with
laughter.. friends and good food.. u should pretty much be contented in
avery aspect of your social life.. my opinion at least.. oh well.. ^^]

heres a few comics from pvponline.com thats kinda funny.. strikes me as
realli comical.. anyhoot.. it gave me a gd laugh.. hope it gives u one

Introducing: Scratch Fury - Destroyer of Worlds and the troll Skull..

First Order of Business: Spray Cat With Water

What Comes Out of an Evil Super Smart Cat: Hairball

The Ultimate Distraction: Ball of String

Baseball Bat = The Ultimate Spam Filter!

as u prolly knoe by now.. im a BIG fan of scott kurtz and his work.. formore go 2 pvponline.com..

[end transmission]

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Monday, July 12, 2004

stupid maths...

cant believe it.. after all the time i spent.. im still stuck on square one of one my math induction tutorial questions.. that damnable question is still in my head.. problem is.. i cant SOLVE IT!!!

[if its one thing that i cant stand ...sides embarrassing stuff that other pple do on tv or cockroaches... it has gotta be math questions that i cant and/or unable to do/complete/get the right answer.. near centre of absolute hate..]

i mean.. its onli one question.. ONE QUESTION!! thats preventing me from finishing the damn tutorial.. yet this one question vexes me so.. some of u tink that its just homework.. well.. it may be 2 u.. but then.. i take maths quite seriously.. the only time i never take maths seriously is when:

1. i have to do/draw graphs (whether sketching or on graph paper)
2. i am damn tired
3. i am expecting someone 2 call or msg me or sms me
4. i yearn 4 the comp
5. i am experiencing any form of holiday (be it xmas or sch hols)

[in the whole textbook/syllabus of maths.. whether A or O.. the part involving graphs is the most IRRITATING, DISTRESSING, ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING part of maths that i have ever encountered in my whole WIDE LIFE!! i tend to avoid it like the plague.. heck.. i tink i have a phobia of it.. they call this Graphobia..]

aniwaes.. this is my way of destressing other than trashing the comp (the game AI that is) n watching a gd dose of TV..

[its past 10.30 alreadi.. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is alreadi over.. crap..]

stupid maths.. the ting i hate bout maths (actualli myself) is that i take so damn long juz to realise/find the damn mistake..

[hell.. even after i turn on my "search and destroy" strategy.. the most minor of details slip my eye/mind.. it like the maths question is a telepathic sentient being clouding my mind with misinformation and assumptions.. or it could be my mind that has been bogged down wif fatigue..]

either way.. it would alwaes seem that after like say.. a half-hour break/2-8 hour nap.. my mind would wake up.. and my mind would perform a reboot and then everyting would be as clear as crystal and i would spot the mistake..

> sidethought <
[actualli fogged up crystal.. if i juz woke up.. everyting would just seem a little hazy.. sometimes turns black though..]

apparently.. my mind actualli takes the time wen im asleep to do repairs.. unfortunately this never happens when:

1. im on holiday
2. the exam is tomorrow

poor me.. damn.. =(

but then.. maths holds its "nice" side.. according to me that is.. well.. my opinion is that maths is enjoyable only when you:

1. know how 2 or eventually solve every question
2. have gd (best is pro) friends that are doing maths with you
3. have your discman/comp playing music for u

coupled with a nice environment.. aka someplace that is not at home or at a fast food outlet.. maths can be rather enjoyable.. there is the satisfaction (or at least i feel it.. heh..) when u finalli solve that problem..

[especially after i finish a question after 20-60mins of pondering.. the solution beams through like the light at the end of the pitch black tunnel.. then u slide out of the tunnel into the pit of fire that was producing the light.. ^^]

still.. maths can be either enjoyable or hateful.. i personally enjoy it.. cept graphs.. (remember graphobia..) it also depends on the pple whu yur doing maths with.. if its with yurself.. it may seem rather boring.. sides if u dunno a ques.. whu u gonna refer 2?? yurself? if u do it with a close friend.. chances are that yur maths are gonna get better.. if yur doing maths with a close AND pro friend.. u hit the jackpot.. lets just say that as long as 2 pple cooperate 2gether.. its a win-win situation and both wins.. well.. thats wat i tink aniwae..

slppy alreadi.. haiz.. stress relief indeed.. kinda glad i actualli started this log.. oh crap.. its 11..

[end transmissionzzz]

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The First Post..

okie.. im one of the bloggers now.. makes me feel like one of those agent smith clones..

> sidethought <
[u knoe.. frm the matrix reloaded onwards.. hugo smith wif the suit going around with the "mr anderson" taglines.. nvr mind..]

aniwae.. chances that u found this page because:

1. u stumbled upon it..
2. u r from tech council..
3. u followed another link here..
4. u r from acjc
5. umm.. u r a stalker?? dunno..

> sidethought <
[yeah.. got that last one from daryls blog btw.. if u r reading this daryl.. is he/she still there man?]

sides that point.. welcome to my pointless infinite (∞) world where i blog cos the rest of my frends are doing so.. ok.. thats that.. background + layout = sucky but then.. it looks kinda nice to me.. ahh well.. my opinion..

> sidethought <
[think this layout sucks? think u got a better layout? tell me.. and i will make sure that the next thing you will see are agents knocking at yur door asking for a Mr. Anderson.. jking btw.. im not THAT good.. even when using an ordinary comp.. heh..]

yeah.. and im a matrix fan.. storyline sucks.. but the graphics/CGI/agents are SWEEET!!

[ End Transmission ]

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